The Significance of Construction Site Hoarding and Commercial Fencing in Wandsworth

When it comes to construction site hoarding, it is not enough for it to simply look impressive. It must also adhere to the guidelines set by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Construction Design and Management Regulations. These regulations emphasise a safety-first approach that safeguards the public and requires hoarding signs to indicate authorised access to the boarded area. If you have a project in Wandsworth or the surrounding areas of London, you can ensure full compliance by consulting one of the reputable hoarding companies available; and here we believe Pankhurst Contracting Ltd stands head and shoulders above the competition.

By utilising commercial fencing, hoarding installation, Dibond hoardings and advertising hoarding boards, you can effectively control access to the worksite, clearly indicating who is allowed entry and who is not.

What Our Hoardings & Commercial Fencing Provide Wandsworth Clients

Preventing Unauthorised Entry – All commercial fencing and construction site hoarding should be designed to deter unauthorised individuals from climbing over, ensuring there are no footholds or gaps that intruders could exploit. In the Wandsworth area, you may also consider installing fans at the top of the hoarding, which can help prevent objects from being thrown over, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of your Dibond hoardings or advertising hoarding boards.

Protection Against Falling Objects – While most construction companies prioritise health and safety regulations, accidents can still occur. Recognising that buckets or debris may unexpectedly fall at any time, hoarding companies are well-versed in providing hoarding installations that prioritise public safety. Without construction site hoarding, there is a risk that objects could land on unsuspecting passers-by, resulting in serious injuries that would lead the construction company into legal trouble.

The Ultimate Security Solution – In Wandsworth, commercial fencing comes in various forms, such as chain links, palisades, and temporary heras. These not only keep intruders off your site but also act as a deterrent, dissuading potential thieves from attempting a break-in. After all, studies have shown that burglars tend to seek easy opportunities and are less likely to target locations that present significant challenges and risks. Apart from hoarding installation and managing advertising hoarding boards, we specialise in installing commercial fencing for clients across London.

A Defence Against the Elements – Construction site hoarding companies must take into account the potential impact of adverse weather conditions. Inadequate care during the hoarding installation process can lead to problems during high winds, compromising safety. Considering wind load, we ensure the proper bracing is in place to keep your hoarding boards standing upright for as long as you require. This will also satisfy any companies that have purchased advertising space on your boards, regardless of whether they are located in Wandsworth or the nearby areas.

Preserving Privacy – No one can perform at their best when constantly under public scrutiny. As one of the premier hoarding companies in the area, we understand this better than most. Our team excels in hoarding installation work, enabling construction firms in and around Wandsworth to maintain their focus on quality while effectively promoting their message through advertising hoarding boards. Furthermore, commercial fencing acts as a clear barrier that enhances the security and privacy of your staff in the workplace, safeguarding your valuable equipment.

Skilled in construction site hoarding, we offer comprehensive management of the entire installation process to ensure heightened levels of safety and security. In addition, we provide various related services, including partitions, fire-rated screens, temporary waterproofing, public eating areas, and much more.

Whether you require commercial fencing in Wandsworth or construction site hoarding in the nearby areas, reach out to the experts in hoarding by calling 01732 526 370.