The Premier Provider of Commercial Fencing, & Construction Site Hoarding in Lambeth | Compliance and Guidelines

When it comes to the installation of construction site boundaries and commercial fencing, harness the expertise of hoarding companies to abide by legal regulations, ensuring suitability and safety. At Pankhurst Contracting Ltd, we take pride in our commitment to staying well-versed in these regulations to guarantee compliant work and seamless hoarding installation. However, it's equally important for you to have a solid understanding of the guidelines, enabling you to spot any irregularities with your construction site hoarding.

Catering to Lambeth and numerous locations across the UK, our expert team excels in delivering top-notch solutions for advertising hoarding boards, Dibond hoardings, and various other forms of hoarding and commercial fencing. Below, we provide a concise overview of the industry's regulations and guidelines.

Protecting Workers and the Public

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), employers bear the responsibility of safeguarding both their employees and the general public. Moreover, as per the 2015 regulations, measures must be implemented to prevent unauthorized access to construction sites.

To ensure compliance, it is imperative to establish physical boundaries, such as construction site hoardings or commercial fencing, through bringing in specialist hoarding companies like ours.

To prioritise public safety, the 2007 Construction Regulations Act underscores the need for adequate measures to hinder unwanted access and safeguard the public. Therefore, the following rules apply to the installation of construction site hoarding and boundaries in Lambeth and across the nation:

  • Boundaries, including Dibond hoardings, should be of a height that discourages easy scaling.
  • Sturdiness is vital, as construction site hoarding must resist being easily toppled or knocked down.
  • Access control should be maintained through designated entry points.
  • To deter theft, boundaries should be designed to be opaque—take advantage of this with advertising hoarding boards.

Boundary Height

Our team ensures that the boundaries, including Dibond hoardings, we install possess an appropriate height. For many construction sites, a boundary height of 2.4 meters proves optimal, while commercial premises generally require fencing at least 2 meters tall. However, in areas with a high concentration of children or bustling city centres, opting for 3-meter boundaries or fencing is often more suitable.

When it comes to permanent fencing, Lambeth clients should seek planning permission for anything surpassing 2 meters in height, or 1 meter if the fence runs alongside a public highway.

Boundary Installation and Maintenance

The main contractor assumes responsibility for erecting and maintaining the boundaries, be it construction site boundaries or advertising hoarding boards. However, it is customary to enlist the services of hoarding companies specialising in hoarding installation, such as Pankhurst Contracting Ltd, who oversee every aspect of the task. In fact, BS 5975 recommends the employment of such professionals.

At Pankhurst Contracting Ltd, we offer a comprehensive service encompassing design, installation, and dismantling of boundaries, including Dibond hoardings, as well as the provision of access gates and doors.

To learn more about our construction site hoarding installation, and Dibond hoardings in Lambeth and the surrounding areas, please contact us at 01732 526 370.